Photographer and video maker, I 'm here to picture your story.

At the age of 17 I bought my first camera. Since then I never stopped experimenting with it. I shot wild life, architecture, portraits and started shooting videos for my musical projects.
It became clear that I had a real passion for this. I dedicated all my free time to it and finally I decided to go professional. 
I’ve since been working with music bands, fashion designers, shops, theaters and so on. I’m interested in almost everything and have made some great contacts who made me comfortable in any situations. 
Tell me about your project and we’ll make it come to life together!

I’ve worked with:  All To Get Her, Anne-Sophie Villard,  SAC/CAS, YMAGO, Féminine(s), Rosanne Hucher, Théâtre Trois P’tits Tours, Krone Custom Case, Make Me A Donut, Monozygote, Mycelia, naphtaline., Norvhar, AM:PM, Way Of Changes …

My work has been featured on:  Marie Claire (Suisse), Bass Player Mag, Legator’s Website, DarkTunes’ Website, Eclipse Records’ Website…